Code of Conduct

We do take it seriously. We expect you respect it too.

You are better person

Read more about Don't be a jerk on wikimedia*.


Respecting others is the first rule. <web/F> is a platform where people speak. People put forth their opinions. And where there is one opinion, there are hundred counter opinions. That makes everyone GREAT DEBATER. When you find yourself in the heat of discussion, then remember that person in front of you is just like any other person. And hence, respect him and his opinions. And that is what you will get back.

Technology & Religion

These are two different things. Best is we keep them separate here as well. Any sort of religious, philosophical or political argument shall not be tolerated by <web/F> at any cost. You will be asked to leave immediately.

Morale & Productivity

<web/F> stands for morale and productivity. Any sort of bullying, harassment or abuse lowers morale & productivity and thus not at all acceptable. You shall be asked to leave immediately.


We are all grown ups. We expect that you behave like one. Please maintain the cleanliness and overall hygiene of the venue. Remember you are not alone at the event. Hygiene is about giving RESPECT to others. A simple act of bringing a handkerchief is a sign that you care for the society.

Time & Devices

Speakers of the event are preparing for their speech from many days. By being on time and keeping your devices silent is all they expect in return from you. We can certainly do that for them. Avoid being late for any session.