Terms & Conditions

Ticket refunds

Registration is non-refundable after purchase. Having said that we like add further that you do drop us a mail if you cannot make it for the event. The earliar you notify us, the better we can plan. <web/F> is a non profit organization. If event expenses are met by those who are attending it, then there is a chance that we may arrange a refund for you.

Transfer of ticket

You are free to transfer your registration to anyone else. But in case if you are transferring it, then let us know transfer details to us by mail. Drop us a mail at events@webf.zone. The mail should clearly specify existing registration details along with new registration details.

Changes in Event Schedule

We try our best to ensure that event, its schedule and speaker remain as we published at a time of registration. But sometimes we cannot control few things and may need to make last minute changes to schedules or speakers. We will ensure that we notify this to you by formal communication. <web/F> reserves final rights to make such changes.


Under some catastropic unavoidable circumstances, it may happen that <web/F> may need to cancel an event. Either we may recieve low number of registrations or some other emergency. If the event is canceled then registered antendess shall get the full registration amount back. Rights to cancel or move the event to some other date or venue completely lies with <web/F>.

Copyrights and other things

You are free to share, distribute or modify the content produced by <web/F> team. The only condition is you give proper credit to <web/F>team. You can also use it for commercial purpose but please take permission from <web/F> before doing so. Most of the content is free but <web/F> may ask you for donation if you heavily intend to use it for commercial purpose. Your donation will be recongnized on <web/F> site and utilized for upcoming events.

Photography and Video

<web/F> records videos and takes photos for events it arranges. Your registration is assumed your approval that you allow us to record and photograph you on the day of event. If you have any problem please, contact us immediately at events@webf.zone.