August 8-9, 2015

Do you want to go beyond the ordinary UI Development? If you dream to become a complete Front-end Engineer, we are here to promote that passion within you through practical workshops.

Web front-end or simply <web/F> is a non-profit initiative for passionate front-end engineers.

This time, let's build an enterprise web application with AngularJS. We'll look at AngularJS best practices and design patterns, HTML & CSS Architecture, Dev Automation, TDD, Code Organization, DevOps. There will also be talks on Asynchronous Programming, Functional JavaScript and future of Web Apps.

Building Enterprise Web Applications with AngularJS

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09:00 AM


Welcome activities.

9:15 AM


Web Front-end: Yesterday, today and tomorrow.

09:30 AM

Opening talk

WebF initiative & recap from previous sessions.

9:50 AM


Let's talk about front-end design in general and what we wish to achieve in this 12-hour workshop.

10:10 AM


A quick break.

10:30 AM

Front-end Spectrum

A walk from software developer to a product developer. Wisdom about technology stack. Balance between maintainace, performance & scalability.

12:00 PM

Deep Dive Angular

Folder structure patterns for AngularJS Apps. CSS Architecture. Development Automation. Building a robust CI and DevOps system. From small project to big project.

01:30 PM

Lunch break

On the house. Enjoy! But remember the real enjoyment awaits you.

2:10 PM

Functional programming

Let us understand that C is not the mother of all languages. True ancestor of JavaScript is Lisp, a long forgotten gem.

2:35 PM

A New Horizon

ES6 and few other certain things we must prepare for.

3:00 PM

Do it right, the first time

Test-driven Development, Modularity, Integration, Maintenance/Performance/Scaling.

Integrate TDD workflow in day-to-day life. If you think TDD means writing unit tests first, then you are doing it wrong. It is not what you read is important; the important is what you comprehend out of your reading. Mocha, Jasmine, Karma is just a misnomer.

Integration with Visual Design, Tech Writing, Auth Server, API Server, Product Management and Quality Engineering.

4:30 PM

Tea-coffee break

Another refreshing break.

4:40 PM

Asynchronous Programming

You may overlook everything... TDD, DevOps, Good practices, but you cannot ignore Async. Like it or not, callback hell is here to stay. And that is why it is all the more important. PROMISES that keep callback hell away.

5:00 PM

Being a Front-end Engineer

How things are evolving. How to sustain flood of changes. And then we say goodbye for a night.

DAY 2 - Workshop
9:00 AM

Quick recap

We do the quick recap. And then we build an enterprise web application.

9:15 AM

Building an Enterprise Web App

The workshop. We build it till we are hungry. Then we go home at 1:00 PM.

Angular Build
August 8-9
Pune, Oxford of East
Registrations Closed

Pirates!!! Should you attend?

If you are a pirate, have some level of hands-on with AngularJS and wish to get your hands dirty in try building an enterprise web application using the latest trends, best practices and design patterns under the guidance of ngExperts, then you should not miss this workshop.

Apart from being a pirate you will need:
  1. Laptop ready with Node.js, Git, code editor, etc. (we will provide the wi-fi & charging point)
  2. Understanding of JavaScript
  3. Basic understanding of Angular.js
  4. Experience and pains of building large enterprise web application
* Not for beginners

People at work

There are speakers, contributors, designers, managers that make this workshop possible. Without them, it is just impossible.

For more details drop us a mail at or call us at +91-8888882415 or +91-7709790656.

A token of thanks to our sponsors